What’s brewing at Starbucks?

Starbucks has just unveiled its new brand identity, which will be rolled out in March.

They’ve done away with the wording “Starbucks coffee” and instead beefed up the siren logo. Why? Because they feel they now have a strong enough identity and are more than a coffee shop (with branches offering WiFi, selling music, etc etc). Starbucks isn’t alone at present in wanting to change with the times – Gap, Argos and Butlins have all been tweaking away too.

In these tough economic times, clients mustn’t forget that a strong verbal identity is as important as a visual one. A consistent, distinctive tone of voice is essential in giving consumers brand recognition and managing their expectations.

The Starbucks’ revamp can’t get more simplistic than this though; with a branch now lurking on every corner, the next step in world domination is to axe the logo altogether for a plain white cup instead!

Need help with your verbal identity to create a strong personality so that your brand stands out from the crowd? Do get in touch: I’ve done it for O2 and Standard Life – I can do it for you too.

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